Volume 9 no 1

EDITORIAL: To better times ahead

Sharron Spicer, MD Editor-in-chief


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EDITORIAL: To better times ahead

Sharron Spicer, MD




As the calendar turned to the new year, it seemed that the common greeting was “May 2023 be better than 2022!” For many of us, last year was grueling. Compounded on pandemic stress were ever-increasing system and capacity issues and added sociopolitical unrest. Getting through the grind of the day-to-day has been a challenge. It’s helpful, I think, to reflect on the lessons of our past and look forward with hope to better times ahead. This reflection can shape our experience of the present as we sense the larger context in which we live and work.


In this issue of CJPL, we have a collection of articles that look both backward and forward. Several authors have looked back at what has shaped their leadership and curated a few tips for us. We highlight some particular pandemic-response leadership lessons. We examine how to encourage and teach leadership skills to learners. We even look to see the motivating power of hope.


Tragically, in the past year, we have also lost loved ones. Each of them is remembered and missed. I’m grateful to my colleague who shares with readers his eulogy for our mutual colleague, putting into words the sorrow that follows the death of a friend. I’m humbled by the grace of those who show their vulnerability as we grapple

with grief.


I hope you gain strength and insight from these articles. Best wishes to all of you in 2023.



Sharron Spicer, MD, CCPE, is associate chief medical officer, physician experience, Alberta Health Services. She also practises pediatrics in Calgary, Alberta.


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