Some housekeeping matters from the CSPL and CJPL

Johny Van Aerde, MD, PhD




Conference news


In keeping with the theme of the previous two issues of our Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership, this year’s Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership will focus on “Diversity, inclusion & engagement: the leadership challenge.”


We are pleased to announce that from this year on, CSPL will be the sole host of this annual event. For an overview of the program with 19 unique workshops in 32 sessions, 4 keynote speakers, and an awards celebration, please see the back of this journal and the conference web site (


New perks for CSPL members


In 2019, CPSL members will have access to BMJ Leader, an electronic publication, rich with research on leadership in the medical world. This journal is not accessible through traditional electronic university libraries. Individual subscriptions go for about $225, 1.5 times your membership fee.


Starting in February, the CSPL is also on Facebook, with a closed group hosted by Dr. Chris Carruthers, founder and first president of the CSPL, and moderated by a few of us. Questions and topics that are crucial and sometimes difficult can be shared and discussed in this safe community of interest. As a CSPL member, you will have received an invitation to join the group; if you haven’t, please contact our office (


In this issue


The CSPL’s executive director gives us an interesting look behind the scenes at conference preparations in her article, “ Why are conferences so expensive?” You will be surprised to learn about the logistics and hidden costs.


This issue, themed “Leadership skills: adopt or bust,” also includes a variety of articles on skills or situations we encounter as physicians. Gervase Bushe writes about generative leadership, a leadership style that is essential in today’s world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. James Ruiter and Steven Bellemare address some of the newer cultural aspects in the health care system, while Ian Hanna and Joanna Piros share tips on how to communicate more effectively under various conditions.


Graham Dickson reminds us why physician engagement with the health system is important and provides evidence from two provinces showing what a difference it can make. Mamta Gautam, a leader in the area of treating physician burnout, offers a new “equation for health.” Lara Hazelton provides insights into how to teach the teacher of leadership skills. James Goertzen explores the link between innovation and compassion.


Your input


We would love to hear from you. What issues would you like the CSPL — your organization — to address? What types of articles would you like to see in CJPL? What initiatives do you want to be part of? What can you give the CSPL, and what can the CSPL do for you?


Hope to see you at CCPL2019 in Montréal in April!





Johny Van Aerde, MD, MA, PhD, FRCPC, is editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership and a former president of the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders.


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