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Issue Number 1 Summer 2014



Patient experience is much more than patient satisfaction


Principled physician (and other health care) leadership: introducing a value-based approach


The myths of multitasking: taking a mindful approach to enhance leadership focus


More women leaders needed in medicine


Book review: Getting to Maybe: How the World is Changed


Book review: The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business Top

Issue Number 4 Spring 2015



Opinion: What do physicians need to lead?


Natural justice and fair process: what physician leaders must know


Dealing with anger: the four A's


The facilitative leader: Keeping the discussion on track


Developing criteria-based privileging in


British Columbia


Skills for leaders in health care — “SERVANTS” and “MASTERS”


Understanding physician leadership in Canada: overview of a CSPE/CMA/CHI study


Canadian health care leaders’ perceptions of physician–hospital relations


Book review: Bending the cost curve in health care: Canada’s provinces in international perspective Top

Issue Number 2 Fall 2014



Opinion: The condition of the Canadian health care system does not have to be discouraging


Challenges and opportunities to ensure effective physician leadership in Canada


Closing the gap: a Canadian health leadership action plan


Career transition: planning for your third act


Part 1: The importance of physician–hospital relations in the Canadian health care system


Facilitation skills for physician leaders — an emerging necessity in a complex health system


Salybia Mission Project: a student initiative creates a living legacy


Book review: The Path to Health Care Reform: Policy and Politics


Book Review: Paradigm Freeze: Why It Is So Hard to Reform


Health-Care Policy in Canada Top

Issue Number 3 Winter 2015



Opinion: Relationship-centred care: toward real health system reform


Rethinking power in a hospital setting


Enhancing physician leadership resilience


The facilitative leader: Designing engaging and productive meetings


Seeing differently: applying the Theory of Constraints in health care


The 5 Cs of physician resilience


Book review: Service Fanatics: How to Build Superior Patient Experience the Cleveland Clinic Way


Book review: The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision Top