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Volume 2 number 1



Opinion: Needed: physician leaders


Professionalism and disruptive behaviour: strategies for physician leaders


Physician communication as a key factor in patient experience


The facilitative leader: Group decision-making


Voir différemment : la théorie des contraintes appliquée aux soins de santé


Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership guidelines for authors


Book review: The Behaviour

Change Wheel: A Guide to Designing

Interventions Top

Issue Number 4 Spring 2015



Opinion: What do physicians need to lead?


Natural justice and fair process: what physician leaders must know


Dealing with anger: the four A's


The facilitative leader: Keeping the discussion on track


Developing criteria-based privileging in


British Columbia


Skills for leaders in health care — “SERVANTS” and “MASTERS”


Understanding physician leadership in Canada: overview of a CSPE/CMA/CHI study


Canadian health care leaders’ perceptions of physician–hospital relations


Book review: Bending the cost curve in health care: Canada’s provinces in international perspective Top

Volume 2 number 2



Waste of time or teachable moment?


A physician leader’s role in managing patient safety incidents


The facilitative leader: Managing the behaviour of challenging team members


Communicate clearly: A key way to protect against human rights complaints


Creating a powerful speaking style


Leading the medical division: A small business in academia


Book review: Inspired Physician Leadership: Creating Influence and Impact Top

Volume 2 number 3



Has regionalization of the Canadian health system contributed to better health?


Part-time practice, full-time safety for physician leaders


Balancing patient satisfaction and quality of care


OPINION Advocacy in one’s own practice: appropriateness in ordering investigations and management decisions


Strategic leadership development for physicians


Strategic leadership development for physicians


Book review: Leaders Eat Last:

Why Some Teams Pull Together

and Others Don’t


Book review: No More Lethal Waits: 10 Steps to Transform Canada’s Emergency Departments Top