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Volume 3 number 1



EDITORIAL: Why are we not achieving lasting results in reforming the Canadian health system?


Introducing a formative approach to developing better leaders in academic medical institutions


POSITION PAPER : More effectiveness, not more competencies


How conversations become culture: physicians leading in complex times


Evaluating a continuing education workshop as a strategy to address disruptive behaviour in postgraduate medical education


Book review: Grit: The Power

of Passion and Perseverance


Book review: The Health Gap: The Challenge of an Unequal World


Book review: In Search of the Perfect Health System Top

Volume 3 number 4



Rudeness in health care is harmful


PERSPECTIVE: An ideal future for Quebec’s health care system


Complexity leadership offers the right fit for physicians


Leading complex change: go slow to go fast


REFLECTIONS: Thirty-five years before the mast


2017 CSPL Excellence in Medical Leadership Award


2017 Canadian Certified Physician Executives


2017 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership Photos


Book review: How Hockey Can Save



Book review: Three books on influence

and persuasion Top

Volume 3 number 2



Waste of time or teachable moment?


A physician leader’s role in managing patient safety incidents


The facilitative leader: Managing the behaviour of challenging team members


Communicate clearly: A key way to protect against human rights complaints


Creating a powerful speaking style


Leading the medical division: A small business in academia


Book review: Inspired Physician Leadership: Creating Influence and Impact Top

Volume 3 number 3



EDITORIAL: Causing disease by curing disease?


Hero or human: professionalism for leaders


Medical professionalism and physician leadership: the time for action is now


PERSPECTIVE: The current reality in Quebec’s health care system


REFLECTIONS: Leadership lessons from the Rio Paralympic Games


Physician health as a potential indicator of quality


CSPL WHITE PAPER: A blueprint for improving physician engagement and leadership in the Canadian health care system


ADVICE: Transitioning to an executive role? What you should know about your retirement plan


Medical registration in Canada: a brief overview


Book review: Better Now Six Big Ideas to Improve Health Care for All Canadians


Book review: Leading with Noble

Purpose How to Create a Tribe of True

Believers Top