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Volume 4 number 1



Real dialogue: six conditions, six ground rules, three barriers


Population health management – Coming soon to a province near you?


PERSPECTIVE: The way to get there – Working toward balance in Quebec’s health care system


ADVICE: Thriving online when dealing with controversial topics and strong opinions


Building blocks or connecting dots: steps toward physician leadership


OPINION: Not personalized medicine, but

personal medicine


Book Review: Managing the Myths of Health Care Bridging the Separations between Care, Cure, Control, and Community


Book Review: Matters of Life and Death Public Health Issues in Canada Top

Volume 4 number 4

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ADVICE: Information onslaught: how to defend your


Psychological health and safety in health care: what do doctors have to do with it?


The evolving role of the patient and the future

of digital health


Physician leadership and leading across boundaries


Leading through tweeting: physicians and Twitter


The competencies of the CanMEDS Leader role


Physician leadership development: University of Manitoba’s landscape across the educational continuum


Canadian guidelines on smartphone clinical photography


CSPL turns 20


A PERSONAL JOURNEY: What can happen when we leave our comfort zone?


2018 Canadian Certified Physician Executives


2018 CSPL Excellence in Medical Leadership Award


Stories from our CCPEs


Extreme Ownership: How US Navy Seals Lead and Win


The Power of Kindness: Why Empathy is Essential in Everyday Life



Volume 4 number 2



How physicians can influence their “SCARF”


Five fundamentals of civility for physicians


Crossing the threshold: physician leadership and liminality


CASE STUDY: Engaging physician leadership in multi-hospital clinical information technology transformation


STORIES FROM OUR CCPES: Effective communication is key


STORIES FROM OUR CCPES: Learning leadership from errors


Book Review: Mistreated Why We Think We’re Getting Good Health Care


Book Review: Medical Leadership The Key to Medical Engagement and Effective Organizations Top

Volume 4 number 3



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EDITORIAL: Achieving joy in Canada’s health care system: what can we do today?


Turning burnout into joy


Transforming health care through systems

and stories


Five fundamentals of civility for physicians: Part 2


The continuing challenge of patient-centred care


Could Saskatchewan become the best place in the world to practise medicine?


Accountability and trust: sitting on a

three-legged stool


Physician leadership development through the lens of LEADS and competency-based education


STORIES FROM OUR CCPES: Journey into the unknown. Gary Ing, MD


STORIES FROM OUR CCPES: My leadership journey. William Sischek, MD


Book Review: The Future of the Professions

How Technology Will Transform the Work of

Human Experts Top