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Volume 5 number 1

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EDITORIAL: Are we there yet?


ADVICE: Confidence: a key ingredient in leadership success


PERSPECTIVE: Women and rural physician leadership


Challenge to change: diversity in leadership


OPINION: It’s time to use proven methods to improve gender equity in medicine


Feminism and medicine


Unlocking the leadership potential of women in medicine


How full is the glass? A perspective on women in medical leadership in Canada


Gender diversity in academic medical leadership: are we moving the needle?


Increasing the number of women in medical leadership: gender-discrepant perceptions about barriers and strategies


INTERVIEW: Gillian Kernaghan: inspired by the past, but looking to the future


INTERVIEW: Kim Kelly: a strong and unwavering voice for women in leadership


Stories from our CCPEs


BOOK REVIEW How Women Rise: Break

the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your

Next Raise, Promotion, or Job



Volume 5 number 2

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EDITORIAL:  Diversity and equity in the health care system


Mind the gap: thoughts on intergenerational relations in medical leadership


PERSPECTIVE: What patients want: care that is humane as well as advanced


INTERVIEW: Women leading change: perspectives on the Saskatchewan experience


LGBTQ2S+ diversity: leading and celebrating pride


Empowering women leaders in health: a gap analysis of the state of knowledge


Leaning further


The first, the few, the many: pathways to leadership


OPINION: Restoring joy in work


How to increase diversity: views from young physician leaders


STORIES FROM OUR CCPES : A Saskatchewan view on lessons learned and current trends


INTERVIEW: Dr. Victoria Jones: physician, leader, mother, and author

Stories from our CCPEs


BOOK REVIEW: The 10-80-10 Principle: Unlocking Dynamic Performance


BOOK REVIEW: The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength Second edition



Volume 5 number 3

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EDITORIAL:  Some housekeeping matters from the CSPL and CJPL


ADVICE: Quit multiplying by zero to address

physician burnout effectively


ADVICE: Physician: advocate for thyself


ADVICE: Strategic communication: you can often get what you want


Generative leadership


OPINION: Is health care innovation simply an act of compassion?


Developing faculty to teach leadership


Optimizing physician leadership and engagement in two Canadian provinces: a journey of discovery


Leveraging the power of a just culture to promote

accountability and inform system improvement


Disengagement in health care: today’s new culture


PERSPECTIVE: Why are conferences so expensive?


BOOK REVIEW: All Together Healthy: A Canadian Wellness Revolution


BOOK REVIEW: Professionalizing Leadership




Volume 5 number 4

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EDITORIAL: Integrating diversity by developing



OPINION: Better governance leads to better health care systems


What is best for Esther? What Canada can learn

from the Swedish health care service


NEWS FROM #CCPL19: Work to be done to address


Uncovering physicians’ leadership needs in Nova

Scotia: a case study


PERSPECTIVE: Breaking health care leadership silos


Leadership defined for our generation and the next


An emergency department’s journey toward cultural change: a case study


Patient safety in a new age of understanding


Professionalizing physician leadership


BOOK REVIEW: The Empathy Effect


BOOK REVIEW: That’s What She Said