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Volume 6 number 1

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EDITORIAL: Influence: leadership starts with “self” language


Patient satisfaction: there is more work to be done


OPINION: Thriving health care demands thriving physician leadership


PERSPECTIVE: Will barbers regain their role as medical practitioners?


Coaching competencies for physicians


Engagement: it’s all about the how of implementation


Using attachment theory to understand and support health care workers under stress


BOOK REVIEW Cracking Complexity


BOOK REVIEW dare to lead






Volume 6 number 2

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EDITORIAL: Addressing wellness


Natural justice and alternative dispute resolution:

their importance in managing physician



What do we really mean by “physician



Cognitive Coaching: a leadership essential?


Coaching competencies for physicians: listening at the next level


Physician engagement, leadership, and wellness


BOOK REVIEW The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence that

Caring Makes a Difference

Reviewed by J. Van Aerde,





Volume 6 number 3

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EDITORIAL: Engagement in the health system


PERSPECTIVE: Mastery of time: a challenge for

physician leaders


ADVICE: Coaching competencies for physicians: the artful question


PERSPECTIVE: “Us” and “them” in medical culture


How a throughline focused on virtue may be a key strategy for physician leaders to stay in the infinite game


Measuring physician engagement in quality

improvement: a pilot study


PERSPECTIVE: The journey to retirement for

physician leaders


BOOK REVIEW: Humanity and

relationships in health care





Volume 6 number 4

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12 Special COVID-19 Bulletins