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Volume 7 number 1

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EDITOR’S NOTE: CSPL celebrates the 25th issue of CJPL


Taking action toward gender diversity and equity in medical leadership


Physician burden — not just for physicians anymore


ADVICE: Coaching competencies for physicians: goals, values, and beliefs


OPINION: Take Black excellence all the way to the top


A framework for inclusive crisis leadership in health care


OPINION: Fourteen health care systems versus COVID-19


Gender disparity in academic radiology: leaky pipeline by design or default


Ecological resilience and crisis leadership in the COVID-19 pandemic


The health system is on fire — and it was predictable


Re-thinking conferences in medicine: opportunities and challenges of virtual delivery





Volume 7 number 2

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PERSPECTIVE: No person left behind: improving physician wellness in Canada


PERSPECTIVE: Leadership in medical education: call to action


OPINION: The “gift” of COVID-19: a golden

opportunity to slow down and refocus


Principle-driven virtual care practice to ensure

quality and accessibility


Developing physician leaders: why, whether, and

how good?


BOOK REVIEW Handbook of Person-Centered

Mental Health Care


BOOK REVIEW Bringing Leadership to Life in

Health: LEADS in a Caring Environment







Volume 7 number 3

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EDITORIAL: Beyond Resilience


Building belief: establishing credibility as a medical leader


Improving physician diversity and inclusion benefits physicians and patients


PERSPECTIVE Learning to take care of ourselves


Leading through COVID-19: understanding and supporting grief and loss


Training and certification for hospital medicine programs support the essential role of hospitalists for complex multi- morbid patients in acute care


PERSPECTIVE Embracing plan B


Book Corner






Volume 7 number 4

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EDITORIAL: Pandemic emergence dysphoria


Postgraduate medical education during the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned and calls to action for medical education leaders


PERSPECTIVE: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know: diagnosing and healing your informal professional networks


Understanding attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in physicians: workplace implications and management strategies


Building community during the COVID-19 pandemic: a system level approach to physician well-being


Leading in an uncharted future


Book Corner