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Volume 8 number 1

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EDITORIAL: Compassionate leadership fosters equity, diversity, and exclusivity


Mind the gap: thoughts on intergenerational relations in medical leadership

originally published CJPL 5(2)


Fostering inclusion of physicians with disabilities at the Ottawa Hospital


LGBTQ2S+ diversity: leading and celebrating pride   originally published CJPL 5(2)


A framework for inclusive crisis leadership in health care originally published CJPL 7(1)


Re-thinking conferences in medicine: opportunities and challenges of virtual delivery

originally published CJPL 7(1)


OPINION Using Holocaust education to teach medical ethics and leadership


INTERVIEW The journey from advocacy to leadership Dr. Alika Lafontaine


How full is the glass? A perspective on women in medical leadership in Canada

originally published CJPL 5(1)


BOOK REVIEW: Compassionate Leadership: Sustaining Wisdom, Humanity and Presence in Health and Social Care





Volume 8 number 3

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GUEST EDITORIAL: Physician leadership needed now more than ever


COMMENTARY: “We’re not better now”: Canada’s health care providers need well-being supports, stat


OPINION: What health care leaders can learn from Volodymyr Zelensky


Development of a provincial medical affairs community of practice


ADVICE: Optimizing meetings: a critical post-pandemic task for physician leaders


Model to improve charting performance for physicians


OPINION: The resilience myth: is it just in our heads?


NEWS: Learning to lead – a simulation exercise


BOOK REVIEW: Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when Stakes Are High


BOOK REVIEW: Sudden Leadership: A Survival Guide for Physicians








Volume 8 number 2

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EDITORIAL: Steps to developing leadership talent


Physician-led quality improvement: a blueprint for building capacity


ADVICE: Managing physician conflict


We have a great idea, now what? Using the Canadian Healthcare Lean Canvas for implementing innovation


ADVICE: The sweet space of executive coaching: when leadership gets messy


INTERVIEW: Physicians as Advocates

Boluwaji Ogunyemi, MD, FRCPC


BOOK REVIEW: Ducks in a Row: Health Care Reimagined


BOOK REVIEW: The Premonition: A Pandemic Story






Volume 8 number 4

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EDITORIAL: No cookie cutter approach to leadership


Development of an institutional “good practices” policy for resident and attending-physician on-call responsibilities


Strategies for enabling physician leadership and involvement in quality improvement: a scoping review


Teaching negotiation skills to medical trainees enhances their leadership development




BOOK REVIEW: The Power of Teamwork: How We Can All Work Better Together


BOOK REVIEW: Patients at Risk: Exposing Canada’s Health-care Crisis