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What is your Leadership Style?

Skills for advancement

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OPINION: What do physicians need to lead?

Johny Van Aerde, MD, PhD

A recent study, “Understanding physician leadership in Canada,” reveals that physicians are deterred from taking on leadership positions because of the negative attitude toward physician leaders throughout the medical component of the health care system and the lack of training for leadership available in that complex system.1 Embedding training in leadership skills into the entire health care system, from medical school and residency to clinical practice, would change the perception of physician leaders and be one factor in promoting physician engagement in systemic and organizational leadership.2,3

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Natural justice and fair process: what physician leaders must know

James Sproule, MD,

and Tracy Murphy

In this first of three articles on medico-legal issues, we advise physician leaders about their responsibilities in cases involving the investigation or discipline of a physician. read article

Dealing with anger: the four As

Mamta Gautam, MD

Whether you are dealing with an angry patient or a difficult colleague, strategies and advice are available to help you handle any situation with ease and success. Be aware of your own response to anger and be on the lookout for early signs of anger in others. Then apply the four As: Agree/Admit to the facts of the situation, Acknowledge its impact, Apologize for the situation, and Act to correct it. read article

The facilitative leader: Keeping the discussion on track

Monica Olsen, MHRD and Mary Yates, MEd

In an earlier article in this series, we presented a model to help facilitative leaders hold engaging and productive meetings. Here we focus on processes and techniques to help keep meeting discussions on track for maximum engagement and productivity. read article

Developing criteria-based privileging in British Columbia

Jon Slater, MD, and Emma Bloch-Hansen, MBA

Despite a foundation of engagement, transparency, and accountability, BC’s physician privileging project revealed some valuable lessons regarding communication, timing of implementation, and resistance to change. This four-and-a-half-year project provides an excellent case study in innovation and change management. read article

Skills for leaders in health care — “SERVANTS” and “MASTERS”

Owen Heisler, MD

A review of the business and philosophy of leadership development leads to a framework for developing the entire basket of skills needed to lead in today’s health care environment. To improve our current state, health care requires an invigorated leadership paradigm, rather than yet another organizational redesign, one that better reflects basic business and philosophy principles.  read article

Understanding physician leadership in Canada: overview of a CSPE/CMA/CHI study

Johny Van Aerde, MD

Physician leadership is necessary for the transformation of the Canadian health care system because physicians have a unique knowledge of that system. However, many physicians are not compensated for their leadership roles, receive little support in terms of training or resources, and may be viewed with suspicion by colleagues. read article

Canadian health care leaders’ perceptions of physician–hospital relations Part 2

Atefeh Samadi-niya, MD, DHA

This second article on the Canadian National Study of Interprofessional Relationships between Physicians and Hospital Administrators (CANSIRPH) focuses on health care leaders’ responses to the CANSIRPH questionnaire. Health care leaders at senior levels of management perceive physician–hospital relations to be more collaborative compared with leaders at mid-levels of management. Non-physician leaders also perceive these relations to be more collaborative than physician leaders. read article


Bending the cost curve in health care: Canada’s provinces in international perspective

Gregory P. Marchildon and

Livio Di Matteo

University of Toronto Press, 2015

Reviewed by Johny Van Aerde read review