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EDITORIAL: Causing disease by curing disease?

Johny Van Aerde, MD, PhD

As Canada and other OECD countries spend about 10% of GDP on health care, it is inevitable that the delivery of health care services has consequences for the natural environment. read article

Hero or human: professionalism for leaders

Monica Branigan, MD

Dealing with problems related to professionalism shouldn’t require a superhero. Making professionalism a shared responsibility moves it to a more human level. This article offers three tools to do that by “harnessing the power of the community.”   read article

Medical professionalism and physician leadership: the time for action is now

Jenny Buckley, MA, MSc; André Bernard, MD; Emily Gruenwoldt, MHA; Cécile M. Bensimon, PhD; Jeff Blackmer, MD, MHSc

Expectations of physicians and of the medical profession are undergoing significant change. Some of these changes call into question the unwritten compact between physicians and society known as the social contract of medicine. Although, in some ways, these changes represent threats to the profession, they are also a unique opportunity.  read article

PERSPECTIVE The current reality in Quebec’s health care system

Ruth Vander Stelt, MD

In this turbulent time for health care in Quebec, it is crucial that we establish a clear vision of the steps we need to take to make our health care system a model of quality, accessibility, and safety, and one that we can count on for the long term. As part of the search for solutions, I offer a series of three articles. This first one sketches a portrait of the current situation and describes the symptoms of profound affliction within our system.  read article

REFLECTIONS Leadership lessons from the Rio Paralympic Games

Gaétan Tardif, MD, ICD.D

The Rio Paralympic Games experience can be seen as a condensed leadership lab that allows for reflection and learning that can be applied to physician leadership. Starting with good governance is essential, including clarity of message and proper stakeholder engagement. Preparation is key and involves scenario-based planning for expected as well as less-expected but risk-laden situations. Leadership presence and leveraging team skills are paramount. read article

Physician health as a potential indicator of quality

Laura Calhoun, MD

Physicians have the right and the responsibility to be physically and emotionally healthy, and patients deserve healthy physicians. Physicians who are unwell are less likely to provide quality patient care. To achieve better health for themselves and their patients, physicians must overcome the stigma attached to their own illnesses and allow themselves to be patients when appropriate. At a systems level, national stakeholders are demonstrating a commitment to physician health and wellness.

 read article

CSPL WHITE PAPER: A blueprint for improving physician engagement and leadership in the Canadian health care system

Johny Van Aerde, MD, PhD, and Graham Dickson, PhD

A blueprint for improving physician engagement and leadership in the Canadian health care system read article

ADVICE Transitioning to an executive role? What you should know about your retirement plan

Vince Tarantino, MBA, CFP, CIM

For many physicians, the decision to move into an executive role is driven by a desire to improve the health care system. Their unique knowledge of the health care system, combined with practical experience, often translates well into a role as a health care steward. However, although the personal rewards are obvious, one important consideration is the potential impact on retirement plans. read article

Medical registration in Canada: a brief overview

Fleur-Ange Lefebvre

Although physician leaders may be familiar with provincial and territorial medical regulation when recruiting Canadian-trained physicians, registration and licensure may seem more complicated for physicians who cross provincial or territorial boundaries or for physicians trained outside Canada. This paper provides information for physician leaders to better understand the basics of medical regulation, its standards, and the regulatory authorities in Canada.  read article

BOOK REVIEW:  Better Now Six Big Ideas to Improve Health Care for All Canadians

Dr. Danielle Martin

Allen Lane, 2017

Reviewed by Johny Van Aerde, MD, PhD

read review

BOOK REVIEW Leading with Noble Purpose How to Create a Tribe of True Believers

Lisa Earle McLeod

Wiley, 2016

Reviewed by Gillian Kernaghan, MD read review